Normal research paper format

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Sample Paper

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Formatting a Research Paper

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) If you’ve been asked to submit a paper in MLA style, your instructor is asking you to format the page and present the content in a specific way. Just as football referees dress a certain way, and Japanese chefs cook a certain way, writers in certain disciplines follow a certain set of.

What follows is a hypothetical example of a research paper based on an experiment. Historical background Open bibliography in its own window: Modern attitudes toward homosexuality have religious, legal, and medical underpinnings. Click on the link above in the Media box to download the pdf handout, APA Sample Paper.

Before beginning your paper, you need to decide how you plan to design the study. The research design refers to the overall strategy that you choose to integrate the different components of the study in a coherent and logical way, thereby, ensuring you will effectively address the research problem; it constitutes the blueprint for the collection, measurement, and analysis of data.

William Kent, "A Simple Guide to Five Normal Forms in Relational Database Theory", Communications of the ACM 26(2), Feb.Also IBM Technical Report TR, Aug.

Normal research paper format
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