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Alex Haley's Queen

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Queen: The Story of an American Family is a partly factual historical novel by Alex Haley and David Stevens. It brought back to the consciousness of many white Americans the plight of the children of the plantation: the offspring of black slave women and their white masters, who were legally the property of Country: United States.

Alex Haley's Queen (DVD) “There are two sides to every story”, or so the saying goes. For best-selling author Alex Haley, one side was Roots – the towering chronicle tracing seven generations of his mother's family/5(). Roots tells the story of Alex Haley's ancestors through his maternal grandmother, Cynthia, while Queen is the story of Alex Haley's ancestors through his paternal grandmother, Queen.

Alex Haley has white ancestors from both lines; Queen begins with his white ancestors in Ireland while Roots begins with his black ancestors in Africa. Queen tells the story of how Haley's white ancestors became slave holders /5. Alex Haley's Queen (also known as Queen) is a American television miniseries that aired in three installments on February 14, 16, and 18 on CBS.

Alex Haley’s Queen

The miniseries is an adaptation of the novel Queen: The Story of an American Family. Feb 14,  · The whole theme of the book was that Queen looked white and was not accepted by the black people because of it. She was able to pass for white as /10(K). The runtime of Alex Haley’s Queen is minutes (04 hours 43 minutes).

The leading star actors of Alex Haley’s Queen are Ann-Margret, Danny Glover, George Grizzard, Halle Berry, Jasmine Guy, Martin Sheen, Ossie Davis, Patricia Clarkson, Paul Winfield, Tim Daly.

Alex haleys queen
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