A discussion on the topic of equality versus discretion

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Consensus decision-making

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Group Discussion (GD) Topics with Answers

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Prosecutorial Discretion

This section covers latest group discussion topics on various aspects. In relation to equality rights and the women movement, one could synthesize the never ending debate of affirmative action into the discussion of equality. Most critics of affirmative action do not consider the grossly unequal numbers of men in management and professional positions.

50 interesting topics for discussion. 1. Is global climate change man-made?

We ask you, humbly, to help us.

2. Is the death penalty eIIective? 3. Is our election process Iair? 4. Do colleges put too much stock in standardized test scores? 5. Is torture ever acceptable?

6. Should men get paternity leave Irom work? 7. Is a lottery a good idea? 8. Do we have a Iair taxation system? /5(12). The Group Discussion Section covers latest + GD topics with answers. These group discussion (GD) topics are useful for MBA students, aspirants & professionals. The GD topics are summarized with answers, conclusion & facts.

These topics are important while applying for a job, admission or any selection process. Nov 05,  · Equality and discrimination Hundreds of millions of people suffer from discrimination in the world of work.

Discussion Essay, how to write it

This not only violates a most basic human right. Q: Does the Gender Equality Law, apply to private households? A: Private households are only exempt from Section 4(1) of the Law, which deals with recruitment, selection or employment of a person for the purposes of a private household.

A discussion on the topic of equality versus discretion
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